I am Diabetic

Type One Diabetes.

I have been a type one diabetic for 15 years.
Enjoy the pictures
I am not a medical professional..

but I am always here if you need advice, to vent, or just a friend!
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Anonymous said: Thank you for existing

No no! Thank YOU for existing you beautiful anon!

Anonymous said: Ok so I'm going through the ppl I follow that has diabetes to find out if I'm not the only one that hears a squeaking noise when their sugars goes to low?

I do not.

Does anyone else hear the noise during a hypo??

Anonymous said: My high-school biology teacher had diabetes, but instead of showing some support she always tried to humiliate me in front of the class. She told the others that I got diabetes because my parents gave me too much sweets (I didn't really like sweets when I was a kid) and randomly told me to test my BG in front of the class hoping she would catch me with a high. One time she did and started yelling at me in front of everybody. Thank God it was already senior year and now it's just a memory.

That is something a teacher should get fired for.
Honestly they are there to provide a safe environment to the best of their ability and they were the ones bullying you.
So unacceptable! I am so sorry you had to go through that.

Anyone else having this problem… Please go straight to administration this is NOT right.


walk into the club like whattup im diabetic wheres the diet coke

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