I am Diabetic

Type One Diabetes.

I have been a type one diabetic for 15 years.
Enjoy the pictures
I am not a medical professional..

but I am always here if you need advice, to vent, or just a friend!
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Anonymous said: To the person who keeps forgetting to check their sugars I have that problem as well but my dr said if anything do it for the insurance coverage before you lose it for not checkin the right amount

^^good advice
Although for me scaring myself into doing something doesn’t usually work. But maybe it will for someone else

kween-coda said: At least your teacher tried To explain it. My freshman year in science my teacher tried to call me out in front of the class and behind my back when I was absent about how I wasn't actually sick cause His aunts grandma(or some bs) had it and she was fine and I just liked to ditch school which was why I was going to fail even tho all my work was grade A correct

Damn that’s just beyond ignorant
And personally I think someone like that shouldn’t even be teaching!!

Anonymous said: So I'd just like to state, I think I may have found a key reason as to why people get the T1d &T2d mixed up... And that is because when they talk about diabetes in school they just call it diabetes and not specify what type it is. So that=confusion.

I agree 100% 

I had a teacher who just explained diabetes as type 2… sooooo just no.

Anonymous said: I've had diabetes since I was 2 (I'm 15 now), but I still can't seem to remember to do my blood sugars when I'm supposed to. I've tried having phone alarms to asking my parents, but it doesn't seem to work in the long run. Any suggestions?

I think its a burn out thing that a lot of us go through! 

Have you tried positive reinforcement? 

Like rewarding yourself for remembering to do something? 

sveltematt said: ( lntus? I take 30 before bed and it depends on what i eat for the humalog

Yeah my humalog ratio is 1 unit to 7 carbs and I take 35 units of lantus

Anonymous said: taking at maximum 7 units of humalog and 9 of lantus is too much? im afraid of gaining weight :(

Type one diabetic?
Everybody’s therapy is going to be different.
But in regards to my own I take way more if each daily!

This could also be due to differences in measurements between countries.
I am from North America

smile-its-the-end-of-the-world13 said: I just wanted to say thank you! My boyfriend is t1d and doesn't have a tumblr and has recently down in the dumps due to getting his pump (which he really did not want) but seeing all the memes and posts on this page makes him smile. So thank you for making my baby smile :)

Of course!! I am so glad to hear that this page is truly helping people!
He is also very luck to have a support system in you!