I am Diabetic
Type One Diabetes.

I have been a type one diabetic for 14 years.
Enjoy the pictures

I am not a medical professional..

but I am always here if you need advice, to vent, or just a friend!
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Anonymous said: You just said that you don't use the pump anymore but my infusion sites are all of a sudden very sensitive and causes me a lot of pain (i regularly move around), Do you know why this happens?

Every one you out in hurts? Or just this particular one.

If it is just this one it could be that it got infected.

If it is multiple sites it could be the box of infusion sites you got are no good.
Possibly that you need to clean your skin with alcohol wipes before putting it in.
The site that you are using could be overused and you need to move the injection site around.

I would really recommend asking your doctor if none of these things help.

Anonymous said: so i am at the beach for vacation and my pump site has fallen out 3 times due to the saltwater and chlorine. its really annoying because i keep having to re-change my site. any suggestions to help it stick more?

I honestly haven’t had my pump for 4 years now.
When I did I would use iv3000 ( which I don’t even know if they make any more!?)

But if anyone else has advice on sites at the beach please message me!!

Anonymous said: For the last month I haven't been keeping up with my diabetes. I really want to get back on track, but I'm scared I'm going to gain weight if I do. Will I? Any advice for making sure I do it?

I won’t lie to you.. You probably will.
I usually do.
With that being said, if you keep a good diet with regular exercise it shouldn’t be that much of a problem! 😊

I really encourage you to keep on top of those bgs. I know the weight situation sucks but in the long run we need to take care of our bodies!

Some tips..
Setting alarms
A reward system
Maybe make an exercise program around checking your bgs..
Like hmm.. If you have a bg in the 150s you do 25 sit ups .. If you forget to test you do push ups..( I hate push ups)
Create your own rules. It could be a fun game!!

Anonymous said: For the last couple of weeks my BG's have been really high. I started noticing that I'm losing a lot more hair then normal. Could this be because of my high BG's?

I have found a few articles online that say that hair loss and high blood sugars are related.

Remember that I am not a doctor and these articles are not necessarily written by doctors.

diabeticsavvy said: My bs have been 200-300s for the past two days and I feel like such a failure

You are the opposite of a failure.
Do you want to know why?

Because you still care about your blood sugars!
You reaching out to me shows that you do.

They are just numbers.. Just data.. Feedback on what you need to work on.

Keep doing your best to control those bgs.

Anonymous said: I had a panic attack this morning because I am scared of the blood draws that I have to get for my A1c and thyroid levels. My mom told me to suck it up and said she must have failed as a parent with me. I don't know what to do anymore.

You are completely normal!!
I freak out by myself in my car before I go into the endo.
Just take a deep breath and remember that it is only a number.
Just a number that cannot define who you are.
It is data and you need to treat it that way, it is telling you what you need to change in your routine and that is all.

You are a fantastic person and diabetes doesn’t define you (:

jardindesfees said: About disconnecting during intimacy ;-) : My endo told me to disconnect. Since you are actually 'excising, she told me it'd be better to disconnect so that you don't get low during the night/afterwards and also so that it simply does not get in the way. In the beginning I also tested before and after 2 hours (your BG can get higher right after due to hormones sometimes). I hope this helps :-)

Very helpful for the intimacy question!!

Thank you😊

thriftingwhenican said: Do you like the omnipod? I'm looking into one. I currently have a Medtronic pump.

I don’t have the omnipod yet!! I am looking into it as well!!

I had a minimed from 5th grade(2002) to senior year in high school (2010)
Oh god I’m old!!

But I am currently on injections😊

The omnipod is probably the one I will end up getting because it is the only tubeless and that is the only style that will fit my lifestyle.

A lot of diabetics have sent in reviews of different pumps if you want to take a little scroll!

Anonymous said: Requiring drinking, I usually drink alcohopops which are high sugar drinks and I don't tend to give any insulin I eat carbs like a bag of chips/crisps while I'm drinking and my bloodsugar always stays level or there's spirits mixed with coke or lemonade, my nurse said two drinks with diet but on the third go for full fat, full sugar and that keeps me level

Good advice! Maybe this can work for someone else too!

remember-when-sidemj said: in reference to the drinking posts, what do you guys drink? mixed drinks? beers? I usually drink hard cider but I always have to correct it with insulin

You know it really depends for me

I really love to try new things so I change up what I drink a lot.

Usually with beers I give the least amount of insulin. But with something like hard cider it will require more insulin for me.
Mixed drinks though usually require the most because they are mixed with so much fruit syrup or something like soda.

Anonymous said: I'm the 14 year old girl... I'm scared to ask my parents to go to a therapist like I've put them through so much and they spend so much money on me and they just won't get it

Don’t be afraid. Most parents just want what is best for their child.

Although I don’t know your home situation. You can always ask/ talk to your doctor first. Send them an email or call them to figure things out and maybe they can suggest the therapist to your parents.
Sometimes it is easier for adults to hear things from professionals like doctors.

these I did with puffy paint, I also use temporary tattoos, glitter glue and sharpie!

Oh my gosh yes!! I love these!!