I am Diabetic
Type One Diabetes.

I have been a type one diabetic for 14 years.
Enjoy the pictures

I am not a medical professional..

but I am always here if you need advice, to vent, or just a friend!
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zsafu said: Hi! I just wanted to say, that your cover picture with the My life title is mine and I'm soooooo glad that you use it! :) Have wonderful bloodsugars! Love, Zsanett from Hungary!


That is so awesome. I fell in love with that picture right when I saw it!

Credits to my cover picture^^

the-strong-stranger said: I've actually had people (mostly guys) that didn't want to date me because of my sexuality. And one guy THOUGHT IT WAS AN STD LIKE WHAT

They thought diabetes was an std???

That is complete ignorance (on both topics)
I’m so sorry

Anonymous said: To the girl who wants to wear dresses, i usually try to wear underwear that's kind of tight and I clip my pump to them. If the weight of the pump is making them fall I clip it to the inside of the underwear or put on shorts ☺

^^ same
Spandex shorts or spankie shorts usually do the trick

megamipuri626 said: To the girl who wants to wear dresses while wearing the pump. I just wear pants underneath the dress. That way I also don't have to go to the bathroom to put in the bolus when I eat. I hope this helps.


floralfieldfox said: Person who is afraid of needles: I sometimes get scared when I change my sites and sensors. I take deep breaths and the second my chest doesn't feel tight from nervousness I use every ounce of my strength to hit the "release" button for the needle. Idk but it works for me.


Maybe try one of these to move injection sites
lostinstereo21 said: To the anon who's afraid of needles: I've had dt1 for 12 years now and I was afraid of needles too (not deathly though). The prick in my finger wasn't that bad. But site changes were awful for me too. My mum sent me to this therapisst person thing in the hospital and it helped a lot. And she told me that every time I had to change my site or do something with needles i was afraid of i had to say "I can do it, i can do it, I can do it" til i believed i could do it. It has really helped me a lot.

Thats awesome!!

Also another possibly (yet costly) solution could be numbing cream! I used it a lot when I was younger and had to change my sites!

Anonymous said: I'm a t1d girl and i wear my pump on a belt around my waist. But how do you do it when you wear a dress? bc i want to wear dresses but i can't figure out how to wear my pump.

I usually just stuff it in my bra or the side of my underwear!

BUT they also sell thigh straps that work just like the belly wrap.

Any other suggestions are welcome

Anonymous said: to the anon who is afraid of needles. sometimes I'm afraid of prink in my fingers (is that the right word, I'm from Germany ^^) because I know that it will hurt and then I ask my mother to do that for me because I can't do it in that moment. but that happens not really often.

Yes that is the right word(: